How you help your managers choose the right communication channels

First, you line up all your channels and communication products. To make it simple, we just call it “channel” here.

Content – Here you describe what kind of content it contains.

Primary target group – what is the main target group for this channel?

Reach within target group – How many employees do you reach by using this channel? Here it might get a bit difficult as you don´t have the exact numbers. You may either have to do some measuring or try to do some research. If you can´t measure it internally, you could start to ask your marketing department as they must have some measurements on their external channels.

Engagement rate – In my world, engagement rates can be defined in many ways. To me, it is not about collecting likes or similar. It is about how efficient the channel is to get the employees to “get the message”. We know that video or Infographics can have a better impact than pure text as visuals are easier to “decode” (read my blog about it here . Anyway, here you need to come up with your best guess based on your research. You know that visual communication is more efficient than text based and so on. I would advice you to say that this part is based on your judgment based on what you know as a communication professional.

Distribution – How is it distributed? Print/mail/infoscreen etc.?

Frequency – How often is it distributed? Daily/weekly/monthly/each quarter etc.?

The model is perfectly scalable – you can add many more channels if you like. There are many other opportunities, for instance Face to face meetings, SMS, audio messages, posters, pop up messages on the PC etc. It all depends on what you are able and willing to offer in your department.

You can also add more parameters, there is definitely room for improvement!


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